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Disney Buys Star Wars Franchise for 4 Billion

As of yesterday (October 30th 2012) Disney now is in possession of the Star Wars Franchise.

George Lucas sealed the deal yesterday with a 4.05 billion dollar agreement, Star Wars is now owned by Disney. Not only that, but during the conference call, Lucas and Disney officially announced Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, and 9.

Many fans are outraged and disgusted by this startling news. This deal had the same reaction as when Marvel was bought out by Disney (another 4 billion dollar deal). I myself am not too worried about this. Disney hasn’t played too much of a part in the Marvel Universe yet, so I’m not afraid that they will tamper with Star Wars that much. Plus, look at how Disney handled the Avengers, it was amazing!

Considering the new movies, nothing besides the fact that they are going to happen has been released yet. Rumors have spread that it will take place in the old republic, but other rumors say it will take place after the Original Trilogy. I’m crossing my fingers for the old republic.

All I can really say is, time will tell.



Adventure Quest Worlds has been around for the past four years and I’ve been a proud player for three of those years (Character named Lord Plutark []). The AQ series has been some of my favorite games since 2002 and I’ve been a strong supporter of Artix Entertainment since the very beginning.

AQWorlds is in my opinion, the best that AE currently has to offer to us. Being a mostly free-to-play game, AQWorlds is one of the most popular. With payed membership options, the game allows you to upgrade your gear to member level and participate in member only events, among many other things.

In other words, Aqworlds is one of the best ftp browser-based mmos out there.




Dishonored: An Opinion

Dishonored was a highly anticipated game of 2012, but did it live up to the hype? I’d say defiantly.

First thing you need to know is that Dishonored is a game where you can easily change your play style. One minute you can be sneaking around the city, the next you could be slaughtering your way through hundreds of angry enemies. I chose the stealthy, sneaky approach to the game, which meant I rarely fought anyone.

The stealth mechanics in this game are superb, rivaling those of the stealth classic, “Thief” . By moving from shadow to shadow, taking out all lights possible, I was able to silently assassinate any enemies in my way. The game not only lets you use stealth mechanics, but it also provides you with an arsenal ready for any silent mission. With a crossbow and an assassin’s blade, I was silent not only in movement, but in kills as well.

Considering I tried to go through the game as quietly and unnoticed as possible, I don’t have very much experience with typical combat. From what I experience is was o.k, nothing worth writing home about, but I can’t really complain. I have heard friends tell me about how amazing the combat system got as you progress further into the game, but I got have no real experience with that.

All in all, Dishonored is a great game. With beautiful graphics, an enticing storyline, and superb gameplay, I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good title to play.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Facts and a Little Opinion

First off, I’ve got to say that this is the first AC game I’ve been excited for since the second.

Assassin’s Creed 3 has been in development since 2010, right after the release of AC2. This is the longest on of the games has been worked on since the original. The series was always meant to be a trilogy, AC3 being the “Epic conclusion”. It was then rumored that a new major title would be released in 2012.

On February 29th 2012, an image of the box art was leaked, revealing the truth behind the rumor that the game would take place during the American Revolution. The next leak showed an image of the protagonist, Connor, standing next to George Washington.

On March 1st, Ubisoft officially released the box art of the game, the same art which had been previously leaked, and announced that the new game would in fact take place in the American Revolution.

In my honest opinion, willing it lives up to all the hype, this could very well be the best game in the series. With a more open environment, more enticing gameplay, and better graphics, I greatly look forward to the release of this game.

Halo 4 Surpasses 1 Million Pre-Orders

This past week, Halo 4 reached a new record for it’s franchise. Over 1 Million pre-orders.

Halo 4 is now in second place for highest pre-orders for the season, right behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Halo trails by just 100k pre-orders, a minuscule number in the gaming industry. As a reward to this feat, GameStop is now offering a contest to determine what exclusive content their copy of the game will include. The choices have been narrowed down to two choices. A ghost avatar prop and a Halo 4 wallpaper pack.

The game is set to release on November 6th 2012. Also, if anyone is wondering, I am a pre-order holder.

BANNED GAME OF THE WEEK: Command and Conquer Generals

Banned in China

First off I’d like to apologize for my lack of post last week. I had testing in school and things just got too stressful to post.

O.k, now to the good stuff!

This weeks game brings us back to China…Silly China, banning games and what-not.

The Command & Conquer series is a popular Real-Time-Strategy game. Generals was the 7th installment in the series (None of which had been banned before Generals) and the Chinese were not happy about it. They stated that it “Intentionally smeared the image of the Chinese government and military” which is pretty ironic considering they were portrayed as somewhat of a protagonist.

For some strange reason, China has a nasty habit of banning the strangest games (Just think about the article from two weeks ago!)

This Man is my Hero :D

All video credit goes to csandreas.

I’ve got to give this man the utmost props. He took the time out of his day to defend something that he truly loves and he defended it pretty damn well. His arguments were sound and valid.

I agree that PETA crossed the line here, attacking an favorite, not to mention innocent, childhood game. I played the game in question (Pokemon Black & Blue) developed by PETA and it was sickening. It completely bashed and abused every gamer’s childhood favorite.

Gamer: A Short Story

I woke up early on that cold December morning. Frost covered the window and my space-heater was warming my small room. It was the day after Christmas and I had just gotten my first desktop computer. A Paladin Gaming rig. Could run games in 1080p and had a custom graphics card which had been installed by my Dad.

I booted it up, hearing the soft hum it produced. The windows 7 starting screen appearing, asking me to enter my password. A few strokes of the keys later, I was logged in and booting up World of Warcraft. This computer ran faster than any machine I’d ever owned.

I was instantly immersed in my character, a warlock named Plutark. With my shadow demon beside me, I ventured out into the wide world of Azeroth. I was only a level 8 at the time, but I always felt like such a badass, slaying trolls, orcs, and a slew of other evil creatures. That’s all before my first pvp battle happened.

A level 10 warrior challenged me. I was cocky. Nothing could hurt me is what I was thinking. Boy was I wrong… After about a minute of fighting, my avatar was forced to yield, kneeling before the victor. A feeling of shame washed over me. I know knew I wasn’t invincible. I could be killed. Had been killed.

That’s when my gaming life changed. I knew I wasn’t invincible. I was more cautious now. Not fighting everything in my path. Not challenging anyone to duels. Not attracting attention to myself. Trying to stay in the shadows.

Then slowly, xp bar by xp bar, I earned my way up to level 10. Then one day, as fate would have it. I met the same warrior. He was now level 15. I needed this. I sent the duel request.





The defeated warrior knelt before me, if his facial animations allowed it, he would have shown disappointment. I cheered silently to myself, releasing a breath that I then realized I had been holding. “Gg” Appeared in the in chat, gaming shorthand for Good Game. I smiled, at least he was a good sport about losing.

My confidence restored, I ventured back out into the wild world of Azeroth, ready to slay more creatures.

Double Post Friday: RuneScape: Interview with a Scammer Turned Saint… Sort of…

Interviewer: What was your favorite thing about RuneScape?

Player: Getting money.

Interviewer: How did you get the money?

Player: Mining ores, or selling gear earned through fighting, and ripping people off.

Int: So you’d say you were a scammer?

Player: Yeah I’d say I’m a scammer! (Said with a sense of pride)

Int: Were you proud of what you did?

Player: Yeah because I was able to get a lot of the things I wanted [In game]

Int: What was our least favorite thing about the game?

Player: How they blocked swearing and how some stuff had to be for members. There wasn’t a faster way to move around. Also the graphics were a problem for me.

Int: How do you think the gaming community reacted to your scamming?

Player: I think it made them pretty mad, losing their money and gear and everything.

Int: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the game?

Player: 8. I liked it, it was pretty fun. I actually help the community out by helping the noobs out by giving them money to help them out.

Int: So you’d say you were a better person towards the end of your RuneScape career?

Player: Yeah because I had enough money to throw away so I wanted to help the other players!

GAME OPINION: Pokemon Black/White

Yep, I’m doing an opinion on Pokemon now!

So Black/White has you starting in the Unova region, featuring all new Pokemon. Literally. All new, I didn’t see a single classic Pokemon until the very end! Not even a zubat (HALLELUJAH!).

The new region is very nice looking as well. Game Freak defiantly took advantage of the new semi-3d game engine. With Huge structures like in Castelia City, the game looks amazing.

Gameplay is what you would typically expect from a Pokemon game, turn based strategic combat. But this time they threw in a bit of a twist. Random triple-battles have been added and there is now a chance that you can encounter two Pokemon at the same time in tall grass. This makes it so that you have to have at least two or three strong Pokemon in your team at all times, instead of just being able to stroll through the game using the same Pokemon for every single battle.

All in all, this game is pretty fun. The only thing I really didn’t like is the design of some of the new Pokemon. Seriously, an ice cream cone? Really?!