GAME OPINION: Pokemon Black/White

Yep, I’m doing an opinion on Pokemon now!

So Black/White has you starting in the Unova region, featuring all new Pokemon. Literally. All new, I didn’t see a single classic Pokemon until the very end! Not even a zubat (HALLELUJAH!).

The new region is very nice looking as well. Game Freak defiantly took advantage of the new semi-3d game engine. With Huge structures like in Castelia City, the game looks amazing.

Gameplay is what you would typically expect from a Pokemon game, turn based strategic combat. But this time they threw in a bit of a twist. Random triple-battles have been added and there is now a chance that you can encounter two Pokemon at the same time in tall grass. This makes it so that you have to have at least two or three strong Pokemon in your team at all times, instead of just being able to stroll through the game using the same Pokemon for every single battle.

All in all, this game is pretty fun. The only thing I really didn’t like is the design of some of the new Pokemon. Seriously, an ice cream cone? Really?!


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