Gamer: A Short Story

I woke up early on that cold December morning. Frost covered the window and my space-heater was warming my small room. It was the day after Christmas and I had just gotten my first desktop computer. A Paladin Gaming rig. Could run games in 1080p and had a custom graphics card which had been installed by my Dad.

I booted it up, hearing the soft hum it produced. The windows 7 starting screen appearing, asking me to enter my password. A few strokes of the keys later, I was logged in and booting up World of Warcraft. This computer ran faster than any machine I’d ever owned.

I was instantly immersed in my character, a warlock named Plutark. With my shadow demon beside me, I ventured out into the wide world of Azeroth. I was only a level 8 at the time, but I always felt like such a badass, slaying trolls, orcs, and a slew of other evil creatures. That’s all before my first pvp battle happened.

A level 10 warrior challenged me. I was cocky. Nothing could hurt me is what I was thinking. Boy was I wrong… After about a minute of fighting, my avatar was forced to yield, kneeling before the victor. A feeling of shame washed over me. I know knew I wasn’t invincible. I could be killed. Had been killed.

That’s when my gaming life changed. I knew I wasn’t invincible. I was more cautious now. Not fighting everything in my path. Not challenging anyone to duels. Not attracting attention to myself. Trying to stay in the shadows.

Then slowly, xp bar by xp bar, I earned my way up to level 10. Then one day, as fate would have it. I met the same warrior. He was now level 15. I needed this. I sent the duel request.





The defeated warrior knelt before me, if his facial animations allowed it, he would have shown disappointment. I cheered silently to myself, releasing a breath that I then realized I had been holding. “Gg” Appeared in the in chat, gaming shorthand for Good Game. I smiled, at least he was a good sport about losing.

My confidence restored, I ventured back out into the wild world of Azeroth, ready to slay more creatures.


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