Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune: A Game Opinion

The Uncharted series has become viewed as a modern day beauty. It all began with Drake’s Fortune.

Uncharted is an interesting mixture of a game. It combines interesting platforming level with intense 3rd-person shooting. It takes a really good developer to pull that off, and Naughty Dog was just the developer to do it.

The graphics are beautiful, even for an early 2007 console release. With amazing flowing water textures, living plant life, and near life-like character animations, Uncharted still holds it’s beauty in 2012. After making Jak 3, Naughty Dog assembled their greatest art designers and programmers for Uncharted, and it definitely shows.

Overall, Uncharted is one of my favorite games on the ps3. I sadly have yet to play the other games in the series, but I know they must be even more spectacular that the first, which is an amazing feat.


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