My Game of the Year?

256px-TWD-game-coverI’m really not going to beat around the bush on this one. My favorite game of 2012 was The Walking Dead.

The story portrayed was astonishing. I was immediately attached to the characters, forming a bond with the and genuinely caring about their well being… Well, except for Duck. I hated Duck. Anyways, I absolutely loved the story of the game. It had me laughing at times, crying most of the time, and terrified all of the time.

The graphics were beautiful. A graphic-novel like style, the art was very immersing. I did have a slight problem with some minor texture bugs and pop-ins, but other than that, the game ran smoothly.Walking-Dead-Ep-4

The gameplay was reminiscent of an old point and click adventure game. I played this with an xbox controller, so I can’t say how well it handle with keyboard and mouse, but the controller worked pretty smoothly. It didn’t have as much sensitivity as I would have like, but it was defiantly fun.

WalkingDead101-2012-09-10-18-18-08-73All-in-all, this game was beautiful. The story was heart-wrenching, the graphics were pretty, and the gameplay was amazingly fun. This is hands down my favorite game of 2012.




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