Monthly Archives: May 2013


From the ashes, rises new life.

So it’s no secret I’ve neglected this blog. I’ve been busy with some minor stuff irl, but that’s still no excuse to neglect my valued friends (you, the reader).


In the crumbled ashes of this blog, rises a new, glorious page! It’s title “I can Scream Like A Narwhal” and it’s going to be pretty much like this page, only a bit more personal. I aim to have more interactions with the community and hopefully become close friends with my readers, instead of having you all be semi-anonymous¬†entities. I hope you can all forgive me for my lack of posts in the past few months, but I promise you that this new blog will be 10x better than SwampMonster Games.

With that, I bid this humble corner of the internet good-bye, and say hello to a whole new adventure!



Link to the new blog: