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Disney Buys Star Wars Franchise for 4 Billion

As of yesterday (October 30th 2012) Disney now is in possession of the Star Wars Franchise.

George Lucas sealed the deal yesterday with a 4.05 billion dollar agreement, Star Wars is now owned by Disney. Not only that, but during the conference call, Lucas and Disney officially announced Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, and 9.

Many fans are outraged and disgusted by this startling news. This deal had the same reaction as when Marvel was bought out by Disney (another 4 billion dollar deal). I myself am not too worried about this. Disney hasn’t played too much of a part in the Marvel Universe yet, so I’m not afraid that they will tamper with Star Wars that much. Plus, look at how Disney handled the Avengers, it was amazing!

Considering the new movies, nothing besides the fact that they are going to happen has been released yet. Rumors have spread that it will take place in the old republic, but other rumors say it will take place after the Original Trilogy. I’m crossing my fingers for the old republic.

All I can really say is, time will tell.