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Pokemon X & Y Announcement Trailer Released

The official announcement trailer for Pokemon X & Y has been released. This is going to be the first handheld Pokemon game to feature 3D graphics.

Instead of going on a long rant about how I feel about this game, I want to here what you have to say, so I’ll conduct a little experiment; leave a one word comment about how you feel about this game, and I’ll tell you how I feel about it.


This Man is my Hero :D

All video credit goes to csandreas.

I’ve got to give this man the utmost props. He took the time out of his day to defend something that he truly loves and he defended it pretty damn well. His arguments were sound and valid.

I agree that PETA crossed the line here, attacking an favorite, not to mention innocent, childhood game. I played the game in question (Pokemon Black & Blue) developed by PETA and it was sickening. It completely bashed and abused every gamer’s childhood favorite.