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Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer Opinion

First off, I’ve got to say, I’m no Star Trek buff, so I’m just going to be basing this off personal opinion and previous knowledge.

So in this trailer, we see the return of the crew of the Enterprise from the previous film. It starts off with a pretty cool narrative from Benedict Cumberbatch (who is rumored to play Khan). He is pretty much saying that the universe isn’t as safe as Star Fleet would like to think it is. The tone then switches to all out badassery. We see shit blow up, people fighting, more shit blowing up, and a slew of other things. We see an enormous ship rising out of the water, and what looks to me like the Enterprise crashing into another body of water (There’s going to be a good amount of water in this movie).

In my opinion, this teaser trailer is awesome. They hint just enough of the story to make it cool, and have the perfect amount of badass action in it.  I was in love with the first Star Trek movie by J.J Abrams, so my expectations are already set pretty high for this movie. Only time will tell how it will be, but for now, I’m looking forward to this.


A Little Something New: Character Opinions!

I’ve just recently decided that it would be fun to share some history and my opinion on some characters from video games, books, and movies! Which brings us to the point of this little update, my Character Opinion Spots! These will be little features on characters I find cool and interesting and will be beginning today, starting with Hellboy.


Once again, we are brought back to China…For the THIRD time! And once again, it’s for portraying Tibet as an independent country. Damn China, just leave the video game industry alone!

But anyways, Hearts of Iron is another real-time strategy game, this one taking place in WWII (In which Tibet was a free nation mind you). Now, I’ve never actually played this game, so I can’t really talk much about gameplay, but I’d imagine it’s the standard rts game style.

So once again, we see the crazyness of China’s censorship laws. Be sure to tune in next week for another banned game of the week!!!

Quick Update

Just a quick update of things to come.

I’ve been pretty busy recording gameplay for some reviews and walkthroughs. So far I have some Minecraft, WoW, KOTOR, SWTOR, and a few others.

So be expecting my first actual gameplay post in the next couple of days!