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The Future of The Swamp

First off, I’ve got to say, my personal laptop has bit the dust, and now I’m stuck using a shitty computer at school or the library. So my posts will probably become less frequent as the weeks go on. Things will be back to normal as soon as I get a new computer.

So, it’s a new year, and that means new content.

I have been meaning to make this post since the first of the year, but never got around to it until now. This year I’m planning some pretty awesome stuff for the Swamp. In short; Youtube. I’ve recently gotten some new recording software and I’m anticipating the new recordings I can do with it.

We all know I had only one gameplay video posted here, and it was pretty sub-par. But with my new computer AND new recording software, the quality will be much better. I’ve also been practicing talking to myself (as strange as it sounds) to help with my recording jitters. I was always nervous going into a recording session because I was afraid I’d have nothing to talk about, but by talking to myself randomly, I’ve almost remedied that problem.

So needless to say, this Youtube thing is a pretty big deal to me. I really like gaming and have always wanted to share my shenanigans with the world, so what better outlet than Youtube?!


Swamp’s First Youtube Video *Explicit*

In case you didn’t read the title, the is my first recording on the my youtube channel and it is filled with profanities (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) (Also I’m a bit late posting this on the blog, sorry mates)

This Man is my Hero :D

All video credit goes to csandreas.

I’ve got to give this man the utmost props. He took the time out of his day to defend something that he truly loves and he defended it pretty damn well. His arguments were sound and valid.

I agree that PETA crossed the line here, attacking an favorite, not to mention innocent, childhood game. I played the game in question (Pokemon Black & Blue) developed by PETA and it was sickening. It completely bashed and abused every gamer’s childhood favorite.